"Sigit and Tito - you guys rock!! And we want the world to know! Marina and I decided to write a review so here goes:

For those looking for wedding photographers, look no further than these guys. They are THE BEST. Period.

Having known each other since they were in diapers (ok maybe high school - it was a LONG time regardless), they have a special chemistry between them that makes them understand each other with very few words. This allows them to work extremely fast. Our pre-wedding portraits were done in a little over one hour…and we shot in two locations! I’ve worked with tons of photographers before and believe me when I say this is super impressive. And the quality is outstanding. We got so many positive comments about our photos plus my wife and I just couldn’t stop looking at them!

They are also very easy to work with, giving very specific instructions so we know exactly what to do, where to look and how to pose. These details are what make good photos so having them direct us was essential part of creating beautiful photos. They work tirelessly and always enthusiastic with a positive attitude. Working with them was a real pleasure.

They are such cool dudes with big hearts that in the span of just two days, we now consider them to be our good friends. They are extremely passionate about photography and it shows in their work and in their attitude. If Marina and I had to rate them, we would give them 11 out of 10!

Bottom line is, get them to be your photographers. Then sit back and let them work their magic. You won’t regret it!"

MARINA + VINCENT / November 23rd, 2013


Dear Theuppermost,

When Michael and me had decided the date for our special day, contacting you was at the first row in our to-do-list. Eventually, theuppermost was also the first vendor we happily chose to coorporate with for the events, as we believe our days definitely would go quickly, meanwhile the memorable images will stay forever.

After we passed through amazing unforgettable four photo sessions since May, please allow us to deliver our great thank you! Thank you for creating beautiful and mind blowing images where we, just ordinary couple could look extraordinary.

Thank you for letting us enjoying our moments from different perspectives, where creativity, art, cool concept, beauty, preciseness, composition, beautiful lighting, all were compiled together and consisted in every frames that were perfectly captured. Thank you for making us always wait with full excitement for every single photo that would be posted. Thank you for awesome and fun adventures, experience, and experiment with all of you, we really really enjoyed them, one of the best we have ever had.

Our turn have to meet the end. Glad the social media exists, so we are still able to enjoy beautiful pictures that you guys will create. Always say,you rock, guys! Keep in touch and please dont forget us when uppermost are getting bigger and bigger ^^ big hugs (and Michael's kiss,lol)!

With the warmest and best regards.

JENFILIA + MICHAEL / November 30th, 2013


When we were planning for a wedding, my fiance’-then-husband-now and I agreed that we can cut budget on anything else but not and never on photography. We know that everything else will be gone and forgotten and only our photographs can remind us of how special our wedding day was. Our wedding photos are like our rewind button that we can push anytime we want to go back to our happiest day and The Uppermost has done a great job capturing all the moments that truly matter to us as a couple, the details that we never even noticed, the emotions that were so raw yet beautiful. We worried about nothing that day, we were very certain our memories will be in good hands.

And like what Eudora Welty once wrote, “A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.”, The Uppermost did that exactly, they stopped OUR moment from running away. They kept it! And that is why we love them. :)

REDGE + MEEKO / May 16th, 2009


We’d be more than happy to let the world know how great you are at photography!

The uppermost captured moments between us which reflect our happiness amazingly.We’re really overjoyed to see all the pictures. Very breathtaking and personal.

Everybody were oooing and aaahhing over them! We’ve had so many comments from people who were truly impressed with your ability to capture the moment.

Now we are enjoying our married life and feel really blessed to have had such a great prewedding pics which are hangin almost evrywhere on our wall:p (and are looking forward to any other occasion you could take pictures of. Maternity or a newborn baby,maybe?wink2:p)

META + HARI / August 29th, 2009


The uppermost is the best decision Budi and I ever made for our wed prep. Great personality and obviously awesome pictures.. A 36 hours teaser is the most un-imagine-able thing for us..

You guys just simply irresistible!! Thanks for the wonderful memories..

VIONA + BUDI / November 21st, 2009


The best decision for our wedding prep!

The pics are obviously beautiful and the security they provide was beyond our expectations! I keep on recommending my friends to choose the best photographer for their weddings as in the end, its the pics that talk. :)

All the best Tito and Sigit! U guys rock!!!!

NITA + TUMBE / November 29th, 2009


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the photography at our wedding. The pictures came out great! It was truly a pleasure to have your as part of our day! THEUPPERMOST became part of the wedding and not just a “photographer”.

A photography job would be tough, but you handled the situation exceptionally well. Not an easy job! But, THEUPPERMOST made it so easy. Thanks again :)

Liebe Grüße aus Nürnberg

DEWI + RONALD / May 8th and 9th, 2010


The Uppermost,hmm what can I say. Their work is just like their name.

We found them from a friend,browse them through the web, and become friends with them now. Their results are personal.Each couple, u might find same place, but each with different angle and touch. Having them for our preweds making us sure to book them for our wedding.Like what we expect, they managed to capture all our special moments, even the tiniest details were captured. The shoes, the ties, the dog, the dress, the papers, the blackberries, the persons, the tears, the laughs, the rings, they just got it all. And what we love the most, is they made us feel relax and comfort. We don’t have to pose hard, all we need is just be Us. Thx uppermost!

PS : looking foward for a postwed :D

LOUISA + GERRY / July 10th, 2010


Sigit and tito of coz :) thank you to be a very understanding photographers and such a gud friend to us :) as Ferra was very grumpy on our prewed shot u know the weather is very sticky n we were walking around with a make up >.< high heels arrrrr so hard to be a women i guess just for the sake of having a picture of our life time.

BUT i’m really grateful to God that He send u guys to us :) you have save our life time moment that we will keep n show it to our children, grand children, everybody that will ask to see our wedding picture but most of all it will be our self that will see our picture with joy till death do us apart. that is how much this picture mean to us… Love you guys so muchhhhhhhhh the best abis dech!! tapi tetep rumput tetangga lebih hijau mas :)

FERRA + LEO / July 17th, 2010


I can tell you upfront, preparing your marriage is like 24/7 job, and the sacred D-Day feels more like a killer deadline. Months of preparations, endless discussion, all the little details. not to mention all those fightings (good ones, folks!). Granted, it has ups and downs for your own relationships.

But one thing that we enjoyed the most (and also the most tiring also), was our pre-wedding session with The Uppermost, hmm, no I rephrase, with Tito and Sigit. The moment I met them for the first time at Burger King, we were connected as fast as lighting bolt (bad metaphor, but it was true). In fact, during that first 2-hour discussion, we talked less on business, but more on football. They are humble, funny, full of crazy jokes, they don’t push you up with prices, packages, and all those numbers. From that meeting, they were not just our photographers, they became our friends, so that’s why I rather call them Tito and Sigit (sorry, I mentioned him first because of…yes, Red Devil’s fan!)

We fell in love with our pre-wedding pictures. Lots of people told us that we looked magnificent. I have to give thanks for these two guys, since they made us feel comfortable, and I was full heartedly put my trust in them, they are really damn good in their business. Pics don’t lie, my friends! These guys are truly professional, and most importantly they put 100% effort on our important days. Post-marriage meetings with them has always been hilarious and full of enjoyment. We always manage to catch up whenever we can. No business talk, no chasing albums or pics, just a nice dinner and jokes (okay, perhaps a bit of teasing them, “hey, I want to see my slideshow, man!!”). They say hello in your Facebook wall, and wishing you a happy birthday. I seem to forget that we actually did some business with them back then. Now, we’re still good friends, and hopefully, we can do another business with them. Suri made the right choice to hire you guys! The photos are magnificent, you guys are able to capture those tiny moments perfectly. I still can’t believe I can see my Star Wars Lego on your albums, and you even put U2 song for our slideshow. I mean, that’s awesome! But I guess that just means, you’re good friends. We thank you both, and I’m sure we will keep in touch.

Tips for all the new clients, just trust them to do whatever they want, the result is beyond your expectation.

SURI + MARCEL / November 3rd, 2010


We never thought the most challenging part of our wedding preparation would be the search of the perfect photography team. We knew what type of venue we want, the kind of band we would like to play, the flowers, the colour scheme, all the way down to the flavour of our wedding cake. But we couldn’t settle on a photography team. No one was ever good enough.

After 85 rows of spreadsheet, 42 photographers emailed, 8 studio meetings, 4 international call-backs & 2 plane tickets to Sydney later, There’s only one name on our lips- THEUPPERMOST.

They did name it for a reason!

IKA + DENNIS / November 26th, 2010


One month after my wedding day, everytime I see the wedding pictures Tito and Sigit took, I can still feel “it”… *girls, you’ll understand what I mean :) and those are teasers pictures only! I believe even years after, I’ll still be able to feel it..

BIG thanks to The Uppermost who can capture the moments beautifully.. just as important, you guys can take the moments “as-is”, maintaining the personality of the bride and groom… which make us feel you can understand us, and the photos are personalised just for us :)

Both Tito and Sigit have great personalities.. very helpful, cheerful, professional.. nothing to complain about..

A picture says a thousand words.. but with The Uppermost, it can say more than just words….

AGNES + YOHAN / December 10th, 2011


The Uppermost is Superb!

You guys captured our moments beautifully. The shots are creative, the angles are spot on! We absolutely love it!

So please come soon to Amsterdam, so we can do post wedding shots :p

LIA + ARYO / May 10th, 2012



CREATIVITY and TALENT : - able to look at the most unseen angle+moments when capturing photos. - shadows, lights, mirrors, you name it they will make the best use out of it. - forget about props, no need beautiful scenery, no sun light-no problem =) they can turn a parking lot as a canvas! - got same spot with previous couple? no worries they have 10000 diffrent things to make it different! - minimal retouch! pure art! machine didn't do their work - their hands and brain did! - they complete each other, when tito missed - sigit covered when sigit reloading - tito shoots.

EFFICIENCY : - no need big lights to help lightning, no need 10 crews to create "professional look" on they day. - you will be amazed and wondering when they took your candid! since they frame when you are not aware - so seems like they don't do any capturing but actually they DID!

DETERMINATION : - they will be the last vendor standing in your parties to ensure every moments (even the very last one captured!) - able to do the most effort to create great photos (incl climbing trees, gelosoran di tanah, basah2an, gatel2, joged2). - how many photographer share their knowledge? they willingly share theirs through seminars and talks because they believe knowledge is not power, sharing knowledge IS!

PROFESSIONALISM : - they don't make promise that they can't keep. their dates and time are reliable. - great "after sales" you will be amazed by the package that you will receive at the end. - they are true photographer with AWARDS! meaning it is validated by the professionals! (i.e. in other words lulus quality assurance haha..) Globally! - they made you day! make you laugh (whole family laugh) so you got those cheeky look on your most important day!

you guys are really truly THE "Two KINGS" Tito Rikardo and Sigit Prasetio! I suggest you to trade mark those crowns before someone else...

BUT I must warn you.. they are not your everyday photographer... Why? because they are not main stream photographer! They are not Ferrari, they are lambos, they are not panerai - not even patek, they are Urwerk!

above it all.. they are not just vendor, they are FEARLESS FRIENDS.. :) sampai jumpa di berandal sersan! (setelah the raid) hehe..

JESSICA + ANDREW / September 8th, 2012


Gosh! It’s the end of year already and I can’t believe I’ve been married to Nancy for almost a year already. Looking back at our wedding, it was a very happy and hectic period at the same time. All the preparation and planning which lead to one (in our case, two) climatic days.

In terms of definition, photograph is an image, especially a positive print recorded by camera and reproduced on a photosensitive surface. On broader terms, photograph is the representation of a scene or object or person immortalized in two dimensional medium, which depicts the event, emotion and of that particular time. In short, it is a visual record of history. A memory captured forever.

In terms of the wedding preparation, we have this philosophy where after all the hoorah and hu hah have died down, the only thing remain of our wedding day will be the photographs. Something that we both can look at and marvel as to how happy and glorious that day was, something to share with our family and friends and to show our children and grandchildren in the future. It is the most important item in our wedding checklist.

We came across THEUPPERMOST through a friend’s recommendation. Straight away, we checked out their website, facebook and blog. And boy, if the cliché love at first sight rings true, then I just had my moment then. Their pre wedding and wedding photography is in the class of their own. Their prewedding pictures are absolute grand, an art form but without neglecting to show the emotion and the love between the couple. Their wedding pictures are true photojournalism. Capturing the moment and emotion perfectly at the right exposure, both from conventional and unconventional angle and point of view. It is quite addictive to look at their work.

With this in mind, we arranged a meeting with them. A meeting that really was unnecessary as we already made up my mind to engage them as our wedding photographer. Nevertheless, we met them at Starbucks (their favourite hangout joint). Straight away, chemistry was formed between Sigit, Tito and us. We talked, chatted and laughed like we have known each other for quite some time. These guys also spoke with lots of enthusiasm about what they do. To them, wedding photography is a form of their aspiration for their passion, and not merely a business. Delivering the best to their client and more is their number one priority. One quote that left quite an impression to me was from Tito, who said “people said to think outside the box. For us, there is no box”.

Seeing them at work was no doubt an impressive spectacle. The dynamic duo has a contrasting personality. Sigit, with his cool and calm demeanour and Tito with his happy go lucky attitude. They complement each other during the photo shoot, throwing ideas and going to great length in order to get that perfect frame. Sometime even jeopardizing their own safety in the process. Guys, I think you should take out some insurance policy! Most of the times we were laughing and making jokes, which made the experience more like going on a holiday with friends, rather than being in a client – photographer situation. A thank you also in order for our make up artist, Norma who provided the make up for Nancy and a faithful assistant to THEUPPERMOST. You have contributed a lot during the photoshoot.

During the wedding day, they were mostly invisible taking pictures left and right (with that D700 shutter sound, which is so distinctive). Having two photographers on your wedding day has an advantage of covering more ground and angle. Again, these guys work like a team covering every moment of our big day.

When the result came, it was excellent and breathtaking. We could not ask for more.

Nancy and I also had the opportunity to join them and other bunch of like minded photographers on a charity event called Help Potrait Indonesia. It was great to see that these guys not only using their talent to earn a living, but to give a piece of it back to the community.

So to Sigit and Tito, the ‘Termos’, once again Thank You for immortalising our wedding. It was a pleasure having you guys as our wedding photographers. Happy New Year and best of luck in the future. I am still waiting for that client workshop :)


NANCY + FRANS / November 1st, 2011


Kenal Theuppermost from my brother's wedding, since then, we love their creation...We had a chance to do the prewed and wed photo session with them, and we had so much fun! And of course we got lots of lovely Photos of our Prewed and Wedding moments...

Keep it up guys...

WINNE + ABRAM / March 10th, 2012


Need more pictures....1st anniv was awesome, lets do it again in our 2nd anniv. Gosh... Cant wait for sep 2013....and to complete that, we need smallbites either...:))

Love u uppermost!

DIANA + NUGI / September 23rd, 2012


Ibarat kanvas yg masih putih, the uppermost bisa membuat kanvas tsb bisa jd lukisan yg bagus bgt. Mereka punya ide yg tidak biasa, pasar menyukai low saturation tp mereka main dgn warna yg berani & semua elemen di foto jadi hidup. Bukan sulap bukan sihir padahal *lho! Mereka termasuk fotografer yg membumi, friendly dan bisa membuat klien mereka terbuka, nyaman. Gue, suami, keluarga besar cuma bisa bilang "keren bgt fotonya! mereka sampe naik keatas, tengkurap sini, miring sana miring sini". Sewaktu gue pasang hasil foto prewed di bb, temen2 pd nanya : ih nad, foto di luar negeri ya? Bookkk pdhl di Jkt bener! Cuma di rooftop hotel daerah Sabang".

The thing is, they could see a different of point a view compare to others. Thank you for your invitation and remembering us as one of your thousand clients.

Keep up your best image Mas!

NADYA + ANDI / February 5th, 2012


Hi boys…

I LIKED their fan page back in 2010 because some of my friends did pre wedding & wedding photo shoot with them.

From then on, I followed their journey & artworks until early 2012 and we decided to use The Uppermost, photo shoot our pre wedding. We chose them for a reason! lol…

Btw…kapan nih kita dijadikan model “light photography” haha

C’mon catch up more Fearless Award guys in 2013

MARISKA + PATRICK / March 26-27th, 2012


The Uppermost !!!!

The name describes it all! We knew we couldnt shifted our eyes to others anymore after the first meeting. A decision we knew we won’t regret, indeed hiring Uppermost felt like winning a lottery (haha).

Thank you Sigit & Tito !

P.S you got me addicted to photoshoots :p

CISCA + RUDY / October 6th, 2012


The Uppermost?

Pfftt they are just bunch of overweight, indomie-addict sassies with MASSIVE TALENTS. Hahahahaha how can I explain more about them after these confidence-boosting comments above.

Their shots tell everything. It explains life, chemistry, commitment, in a perfectly natural, artistic way ever be created by human (agak2 lebay yah wakakakkkak tapi that’s what I thought truly). Regardless, one thing I know for sure while doing shots with them camera-whores, they never, ever, make it such a hard thing to do or make a hassle out of it. Anything anywhere they able to make it seems so easy and fun thou they are sweating like pigs, hungry like wolves, or rolling on the ground like squirrels. They just laugh and make the day even more fun. And I respect them for that.

And the results? Go on take a peek and bleed your eyes (in a positive way ofcourse).

Never stop inspiring us. Coz’ you’re just too damn good.


SANTI + DIMAS / December 18th, 2010


Love your work, Love your efforts, Love your servives and We Love The Result, Great Job Sigit & Tito.

Semua orang bisa beli kamera, tapi skill dan kreatifitas The Uppermost, Money Can’t Buy ~ quote by jennie :p

JENNIE + ELVIN / June 12th, 2011


Knew them from our wedding back on 2010. Great couple with photography passion producing a great masterpiece.

I believe there are lots of GOOD wedding photography out there, but The Uppermost definitely one of the GREATEST…

Cheers Bro…

ASTRID + ARTHUR / May 29th, 2010


The Uppermost, you've been inspired me bro, great philosopher, moment capturer and this amazing dynamite duo will make your pictures talks (I have no doubt for this).

GRACE + HANDY / December 12th 2009


Jeff we love your images!

Thanks for capturing our day, we really enjoyed having you around.

And the one day turnaround service? We couldn’t ask for more…!

LILI + SERGE / November 27th, 2011

  • SIENY SOEJANTO (sister-in-law) : Jeff, I have been ur biggest fan since 2007 , love your photos as u always capture the right moment and most importantly it’s ur passion and talent that makes all your pictures stand out. Still a big fan and always will.

  • ARIEL AGUSTINA SOEJANTO (sister-in-law) : Just wanna say, how i wish i could get married again (with the same guy of course ;p ) just so that i can have you as our photographer again.. you continue to capture that special moments that only few people can see.. just beautiful nil

  • KRISTINE PRASETYO (sister) : Lovely photo Jeff! And yes, I agreed with listen, I do want to get married again just so you can take my wedding photo.. maybe on my 10yr anniversary? ;p


It was an honour for us when you THE UPPERMOST captured our was really really dream came true, honestly!

Salute for THE UPPERMOST! All of you inspiring us always.

EMMA + IAN / December 1st, 2012


Pokoknya the uppermost the bestlah...

Never regret choosing them as our wedding photographer...

REINI + GAREN / April 18th, 2010


Oneal, you are such amazing photographer.

We knew that we selected the right person to capture our precious moment. These amazing pictures will remain in our family for the rest of our life even to our kids.

Keep doing your excellent work and we will select you again to capture the next precious moments.

ERNA + SURIA / December 16th, 2011



you guys actually my first inspiration and one of the reason why do wedding photography... you guys opend up a new dimension of photography that I've never seen before... and yes finally we ( Irene Marius and I ) decided to ask you guys for our photographer on our very special day... and surely your photos become more and more

Amazing... we wish you with alot more fearless photos to come... and we can't wait to see more and more Fearless photos from u Guys...

IRENE + PUDI / December 17th, 2011


All the previous comments have said it all.

Tito & Sigit duo is awesome!



Dear Jeff and friends…

We’re so much in love with the pictures you guys have made…

No regrets at all for choosing YOU!

Sorry for taking too much time to choose the photos, cuz they’re all good.. Please give us more time..

Thank you for capturing our moments perfectly


ADELINE + SAMUEL / January 21st, 2012


When a persons met their passions and make a wedding picture from just a photos to a lifetime memories, way to go The Uppermost, swing it guys ;)

DEWI + REZA / October 14th, 2012


You guys are definitely one of the greatest wedding photographers in the world!

RITA + FANDI / November 28th, 2010


Good things about theuppermost, they capture every moment of your unforgettable day with an unpredictable, an extraordinary, and the best angle ever!

PROUD TO BE THEUPPERMOST FANS! (But still, sheila on 7 is my number 1) ;p

DETTIA + RULI / September 15th, 2012


Jeff and the team,

We want to thank you for everything. You all did an absolutely amazing job. We couldn’t be happier with the photographs, and how professional you all were on the day of our wedding. The moments and tone you captured are truly stunning. Your team managed to photograph everything so genuinely, creatively and beautifully. We are very happy that we had the chance to work with you.

You guys are the best!

PIRI + JEREMY / October 15th, 2011


We had to cancel our holy matrimony on 19th January because of natural disaster in Jakarta. Then, our dear friend comforted me saying that: things happen for a reason. Universe always has its own way to say that your best day should not be tomorrow, but some other beautiful day...just keep the faith.

I thanked him for saying that to me that day. Turns out that the disaster brought such a beautiful honor for us to have all of THEUPPERMOST's gang to shoot on our wedding day.

At first, we were kind of worried how they can manage to shoot us with lot of shooters ready that day, but somehow we knew that they can. After we saw some of the posted pictures in the past few days, they truly have never ceased to put the WOW factor through our wedding day pictures. Each photographer brings their own unique and different perspective that we didn't even realize.

We just can't wait to see more of our wedding day pictures.

Thank you for the wonderful pictures. Never a regret in our heart of having you guys as our photographers. Cheers to THEUPPERMOST.

EVELYN + JACOB / March 31st, 2013